Do you like the F word to much?

Haha, we all have slipped up with the F word a time or two. There’s times though that it shouldn’t be said. Example, on the job, no way would you want your boss walking by your station and hearing you use the F bomb for whatever reason. Though I’m sure we’ve all done it at some point.

Well what better way of getting around saying it so much then wearing it?! We got 3 different ways of wearing the F word just take a took.

Though these are for humor purposes only, it could be a humorous why of telling someone to shut up by telling the to read the back of your shirt, because someone will actually take the time to read it. Or there are those days that F it is all that can be said.  So don’t say it wear it. Here’s a link to our Facebook page to take a look at some of our other shirts as well.

Custom t-shirts and vinyl decals

Well we’re at it again, adding new products. With Bike week here and all the other events that have started, you can have a custom shirt made for whatever event you may be promoting, advertising for, or attending. We wanted to share with you our readers the newest additions. We wanted to share with you our readers the newest additions.

Have a wonderful Thursday evening.


his and hers white t-shirt

His and hers love of bikes t-shirts

3 sided white t-shirt fear none

fear none t-shirt

red pride freedom

Pride power freedom vinyl lettering decal

stunning view of a motorcycle silhouette vector free download30

His and her bike decal

car back window sassy chicks

Sassy chicks decal


YouTube slide show

We’re sharing our newest YouTube slide show. Check out our other slides on YouTube under Big tees printing llc. Enjoy the show, thanks for following.


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Supporting red and blue thin lives

Our newest addition to our custom t-shirt collection. Supporting the red and blue lives. All preorders while supplies last. These are just a few of what it coming in the next few days.

Let us a comment if there is others ones you would like to see come available.


There’s a limited supply that will be coming available soon, we will update each time we our “support” t-shirts come available.

Big tees, initial t-shirts introduction

Introducing our new Initial t-shirts. Here’s a few that are listed right now, more will be coming available within the next few days, make sure you check in with us and get yours. You can choose the front or the back and choose from a variety of vinyl colors we have available for you. Variety of sizes are ready in our cotton and cotton blend t-shirts

We’re now live on YouTube

We were trying to figure out a way to share  more of our work with you and let you see more of what we do. So here it is, we are on YOUTUBE. Yes, that’s right live on YouTube.

So far we have 3 videos uploaded, we do plan on adding more soon.

Hope you all enjoy. Have a wonderful and safe week.

Big tees printing llc

01. Video 1

02. Video 2

03. Video 3

Appling your bumper sticker is easy

Got yourself a bumper sticker, wondering how to apply it? Wondering what you’ll need? Well Big tees, is here to help guide you through.

Your bumper sticker should come in 3 layers. When looking at your sticker

A. Top – transfer tape

B. Middle – sticker

C. Bottom – Backing

    Determine the location the decal will be placed. Make sure your decal will actually fit in that location. You could just “eyeball” it, but it’s best to measure. Clean the area thoroughly. Make sure the area is completely dry.

  2. Remove the backing and firming place the sticker in position in the area you chose. Once in place, (do not remove transfer tape) Grab either a rubber squeegee, or something similar rub across the sticker until all the air bubbles are removed. (I use spray) (water will do it) to spray over the top once all the air bubbles are removed and then squeegee top to bottom) this help A. remove the transfer tape easily. B. Helps the sticker stay in place and not come up with the transfer tape.
  3. Peel the transfer tape off the sticker. (start at the top left or right corner and slowly start to remove). If the sticker clings to the tape, slowly replace the tape and repeat Step 2.
  4. Remember, if one step isn’t working as you’d like go back to the prior step.