Shipping changes coming soon

We are excited to introduce International shipping. We have listed the ones available on Sunday January  7th, 2018. More will be added in the coming months. If you don’t see it listed, check back with us either with our blog or website Click here.

Instructions will be on our website for shipping. Be sure to read them. Easy to follow instructions will be also included in the description of each product.

For those that are available on Sunday the 7th, we made a preview price chart by the group. Remember USPS gives estimates on delivery, however those that are listed are 6-10 days for shipping, (not including Sundays or some area’s the weekend.)

Over the next few weeks we will be adding even more.

International shipping – Priority shipping times .. prices are listed at the bottom
1. Group 9
Argentina – 6-10 Shipping time
Bahama’s – 6-10 Shipping time
Cayman Island – 6-10 Shipping time
Costa Rica – 6-10 Shipping time
Dominican Republic – 6-10 Shipping time
Jamaica – 6-10 Shipping time
Venezuela – 6-10 Shipping time
2. Group 1
A1. Canada…
British Columbia – 6-10 Shipping time
Labrador – 6-10 Shipping time
New Brunswick – 6-10 Shipping time
Northwest Territories – 6-10 Shipping time
Quebec – 6-10 Shipping time
3. Group 3
Hong Kong – 6-10 Shipping time
South Korea – 6-10 Shipping time
4. Group 5
Belgium – 6-10 Shipping time
Denmark – 6-10 Shipping time
Finland – 6-10 Shipping time
A2. Greece…
Patmos – 6-10 Shipping time
Rodos – 6-10 Shipping time
Greenland – 6-10 Shipping time
Iceland – 6-10 Shipping time
Italy – 6-10 Shipping time
5. Group 6
Fiji – 6-10 Shipping time
6. Group 10
Australia – 6-10 Shipping time
South Australia – 6-10 Shipping time

7. Group 11
A3. England
Great Britain & Northern Ireland – 6-10 Shipping time
GB & NI Scotland – 6-10 Shipping time
8. Group 12
Japan – 6-10 Shipping time
9. Group 13
A4. France…
Mayotte – 6-10 Shipping time
Monaco – 6-10 Shipping time
10. Group 14
A5. China …
Hainan Island – 6-10 Shipping time

Priority Mail International  - Flat rate -  By Group number 
Prices are subject to change if the USPS changes
Flat rate envelopes 12.5x9.5 4 lbs max 
Canada            3              5                6                 7                  9             10,11,12,13,14
$23.95          $30.95    $33.95      $31.95         $32.95        $33.95             $32.95
Small flat rate box 8x5 4 lbs max 
Canada               3                     5                     6                7                   9             10-11-12-13-14
$24.95             $31.95            $32.95          $34.95        $32.95        $32.95              $33.95 
Medium Flat rate 11x8.5x5 or 14x12x3 or 11.25x8.75x6 20 lbs max 
Canada               3                      5                     6                       7                     9 
$45.95             $67.95           $69.95            $75.95             $68.95            $72.95            $75.95





Show support with I wear custom t-shirts

Wear a shirt for a cause, give hope, shows support and understanding.  Here are some of our support t-shirt “I wear” or “Light it up”. We have three types of Autism t-shirts,  “I wear” Blue, green or black t-shirts. As well as Faith is bigger than fear t-shirt.

Follow our blog to see more of our awareness and support products.


Christmas Gift ideas are now here

The Holidays are approaching quickly. What says Merry Christmas or Happy Holiday’s like a custom made t-shirt or a handmade vinyl decal? We’ve been busy adding new products to our inventory. Below you will find our newest inventory.

Does someone like to fish? Golf? Do you like the Christmas scenery? How about born in March or December? Maybe there is someone you know who loves their coffee. Well we got it. Take a look, and make sure to follow us. We will be posting more.

3 sided t-shirt real women fish green

Custom made fishing t-shirt for women

3 sided white t-shirt aries

March(Aries) birth month custom made t-shirt

3 sided white t-shirt capricorn 2

Capricorn December birth month custom made t-shirt

black tee coffee 1st yellow

Men and women custom made coffee first t-shirt

Womans black white t-shirt no permit needed with arrows

Humor t-shirt custom made

white tee merrys christmas my darling

Custom made Christmas t-shirt

white tee merry christmas husband

male golfer

Handmade golfer’s vinyl Decal


red pride freedom

Pride power freedom vinyl lettering decal



Handmade cross with hearts vinyl decal


Hurricane season giving back

Well as we all noticed, Hurricane season is here and several area’s have been affected. First Texas then Florida. The cities within these states are in our prayers. Here at Big tees printing, we have started a fundraiser to help support those cities that have been damaged. Rebuilding efforts may take months to years before things are back to normal. So in our part, we are taking 50% of each fundraiser sale in our Fundraiser category and putting it towards goody bags. These bags will include toothbrushes, toothpaste, combs, brushes, bathing products, and more. Some have lost everything during these horrible disasters. We’ll be sending the items at the end of September and the end of October.

As we all know when loosing everything, the feelings that we are left with are devastating. We want to try to ease some of the pain, by letting them know we stand UNITED and TOGETHER as one. hurricane fundraiser support pdf

There is two locations online that you can see our fundraiser products. Our fundraiser will run for the next few weeks. ‘If you have any questions lets us a message or find us on Facebook.

  1. Facebook –
  2. Store –



Do you like the F word to much?

Haha, we all have slipped up with the F word a time or two. There’s times though that it shouldn’t be said. Example, on the job, no way would you want your boss walking by your station and hearing you use the F bomb for whatever reason. Though I’m sure we’ve all done it at some point.

Well what better way of getting around saying it so much then wearing it?! We got 3 different ways of wearing the F word just take a took.

Though these are for humor purposes only, it could be a humorous why of telling someone to shut up by telling the to read the back of your shirt, because someone will actually take the time to read it. Or there are those days that F it is all that can be said.  So don’t say it wear it. Here’s a link to our Facebook page to take a look at some of our other shirts as well.

Custom t-shirts and vinyl decals

Well we’re at it again, adding new products. With Bike week here and all the other events that have started, you can have a custom shirt made for whatever event you may be promoting, advertising for, or attending. We wanted to share with you our readers the newest additions. We wanted to share with you our readers the newest additions.

Have a wonderful Thursday evening.


his and hers white t-shirt

His and hers love of bikes t-shirts

3 sided white t-shirt fear none

fear none t-shirt

red pride freedom

Pride power freedom vinyl lettering decal

stunning view of a motorcycle silhouette vector free download30

His and her bike decal

car back window sassy chicks

Sassy chicks decal


YouTube slide show

We’re sharing our newest YouTube slide show. Check out our other slides on YouTube under Big tees printing llc. Enjoy the show, thanks for following.


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