Do you like the F word to much?

Haha, we all have slipped up with the F word a time or two. There’s times though that it shouldn’t be said. Example, on the job, no way would you want your boss walking by your station and hearing you use the F bomb for whatever reason. Though I’m sure we’ve all done it at some point.

Well what better way of getting around saying it so much then wearing it?! We got 3 different ways of wearing the F word just take a took.

Though these are for humor purposes only, it could be a humorous why of telling someone to shut up by telling the to read the back of your shirt, because someone will actually take the time to read it. Or there are those days that F it is all that can be said.  So don’t say it wear it. Here’s a link to our Facebook page to take a look at some of our other shirts as well.


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