Decal removal from glass Part 2

Removing decals and stickers from your windshield.

Step one – Choose which adhesive remove (just pick one)

A.      Goo Gone

B.      Windex

C.      Rubbing alcohol

D.      WD-40

E.       Acetone

F.       Lacquer thinner

Razor blades and plastic scraper. The plastic scraper can be a bonus card from a store, a scrapper (ice remover you use for winter) old credit card ect…

                                   Warmer weather is better to remove decals/sticker – if it’s a blizzard outside or cold either wait for warmer weather or move inside to warm the glass.

Make sure the area is clean and dry. Surrounding area as well.

Step two – Removing your decal or sticker

A.      Hold the razor blade at a 45-degree angle. At one of the top corners left or right. Push the blade towards the sticky part of the decal, then by moving the blade in the back and forth motion. Once the edge is lifted, you may be able to simply remove the decal without using anything, but if you still aren’t successful, follow the next steps listed.

B.      (Difficulty removal) try using a hairdryer or heat gun (whichever you have) Hold the heat over the decal/sticker until it’s warm (vinyl is much easier to remove when it’s warm) Next use the above step to remove after vinyl is warm.

C.      You’ll need one of the adhesive removers of choice, soak the residue with the adhesive remover, this dissolves the residue and allows you to clean the mess of your windows.

If you have any questions comment below and we’ll be happy to help you.


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